Supplemental Services

Supplemental Services

Get even more from your radiology billing with Supplemental Services designed to ensure you get the most from Imagine Software and your billing.

With Supplemental Services, you benefit from an extra layer of support, including:

  • Billing assistance with anything–from basic issues to advanced tasks
  • On-demand access to Imagine Software experts
  • Coverage for staffing shortages
  • Much more…

Even when you’re not experiencing a problem, Supplemental Services can help you get the most from your billing.

Advanced Tasks Basic Tasks

How Does It Work?

You can think of our Supplemental Services as an Imagine Software–specific temp agency and consulting firm! Our Supplemental Services team is made up of fully-trained, award-winning Imagine Software billers and coders who have used the system in real-world situations.

A full suite of billing solutions with Supplemental Services:

  • Payment Posting
  • Ticklers
  • Coding
  • MIPS
  • ERS
  • iPay
  • Appliance
  • Data Media
  • Custom Reporting
  • Performance Analysis
  • System Set-up and Tuning
  • User Training

Get The Supplemental Services Advantage

With the full-service support from supplemental services, you know you’re getting expert support to boost your billing department’s success.

Some additional benefits of supplemental services include:

  • 100% US-based support, never overseas
  • Short-term or long-term support
  • Remote assistance through a secure VPN
  • Available to work on-site at your location
  • Customized training for varying user levels

Ensure your billing department is utilizing all of the features and benefits of Imagine Software to maximize collections.

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