Insourced Radiology Billing

Insourced Radiology Billing

Get more from your radiology billing by “insourcing” it! Have you considered outsourcing but decided it’s not right for you? Or, are you just unsure exactly how to configure your in-house billing department? Insourced billing may be right for you.

Insourced radiology billing allows you to leave your existing billing department intact while taking advantage of our billing management expertise and processes. With a seamless transition process and the convenience of having us do all the heavy lifting, it’s easier than you might think to get started.

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When is the Right Time to Insource Your Billing?

Insourced billing and coding is a seamless process by which we transition your group’s self-billing operations into a billing department run by Dexios. Everything stays the same except the billers and coders who once worked for you, now work for us, an award-winning radiology billing company.

If your group finds it difficult to retain good employees, keep up with industry changes or struggles with poor collections, high billing costs and overall poor management, insourced billing is an excellent option.

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Services You Can Insource

Insourced billing provides the same scope of services as outsourced billing except your entire billing operation is managed in-house by Dexios. Here are a few of the specific advantages:

Our insourced billing covers a full range of services that will help you improve everything you need help with and nothing you don’t.

Service options include:

Radiology Billing Services

Radiology Coding Services

Additional Services:

Radiology Billing Without The Hassle

Insourced billing combines both the benefits of self-billing and outsourced billing into a uniquely powerful in-house model. It has the look, feel and advantages of self-billing, with the efficiencies of a larger billing operation.

Get more from your radiology billing now by leveraging our trusted, award-winning radiology billing company.

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