Insourced Radiology Billing

Insourced Radiology Billing

Insourced billing is a service exclusively offered by Dexios. When you insource billing to us, your current billing department remains in-house, and we seamlessly transition management over to Dexios. Not only does insourced billing improve collections and reduce overhead, all of your billing operations are managed by experts who can ensure accuracy and reliability.

When to Insource Your Billing

Insourced billing and coding is a seamless process by which we transition your group’s self-billing operations into a billing department run by Dexios. Everything stays the same except the billers and coders who once worked for you, now work for us, an award-winning radiology billing company.

If your group finds it difficult to retain good employees, keep up with industry changes or struggles with poor collections, high billing costs and overall poor management, insourced billing is an excellent option.

Insourced Billing Services

Insourced billing provides the same scope of services as outsourced billing except your entire billing operation is managed in-house by Dexios. After the integration, you have an industry-leading company running your billing department whose primary mission is billing radiology and expert oversight.

Insourced billing covers the full scope of your needs:

Radiology Billing Services

Radiology Coding Services

Creation of interfaces to RIS, PACS and HIS

Reporting and Data Analytics

Carrier Reimbursement Analysis

Working with Collection Agency

Physician Credentialing

Refund Management

Advantages of Insourced Billing

Insourced billing combines both the benefits of self-billing and outsourced billing into a uniquely powerful in-house model. It has the look, feel and advantages of self-billing, with the efficiencies of a larger billing operation.

Insourced Billing Success Stories

Insourced Billing Benefits

Maintain the comfort and security of keeping your billing staff on-site. Let Dexios show you how to achieve exceptional self-billing results.

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