We only do radiology. It's our sole focus. It enables us to offer cutting-edge expertise in an ever-evolving industry.

We enable clients to maximize their revenue for the work they do. Our full range of radiology billing services includes ImagineSoftware sales and service, training, outsourcing, insourcing, cloud billing, supplemental services, and practice management. We are proudly American. All Dexios services are provided by American billing experts in America. No outsourcing of any kind. We provide our services at your location or at one of our regional billing centers.

Our Services

An MRI Technician consulting a radiologist about findings.

Over the past 10 years Dexios has provided specialized billing solutions to radiology practices across the country

Dexios custom tailors solutions to best meet the needs of each radiology group and imaging center we serve.

To help you determine what your practice or center needs, we offer a free, no obligation radiology billing analysis and coding audit. We will analyze your current billing and coding practices, compare your billing metrics with national averages, and provide you with a prioritized list of recommendations to improve performance.

We Serve Radiology Groups, Image Centers, and Teleradiology Companies

Our Story

There are many billing companies who will tell you they are the very best. We have the trophies to prove it.

Our Awards
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ImagineSoftware solutions can help you make the most from what you already have.

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